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Mindfulness and Meditation Training and Coaching



 "Sitting down to wake up is a radical act." 


 Jon Kabat-Zinn 




With a commitment to creating access and belonging in the mindfulness meditation space, Looking Glass offers various opportunities that help us learn to Stay—to gently observe and befriend the present moment in all its forms. When we learn to Stay, we deepen our resilience, compassion, and courage to turn towards the richness and difficulty in our lives.

Looking Glass, led by Allie Fiffer, combines experience in social action, mindfulness meditation, and inclusive dialogue to create offerings that honor original teachings and the stories and identities of learners.  

Allie is certified to teach mindfulness meditation through the School of Positive Transformation and is educated in trauma-sensitive practices. Her work is heavily informed by her BA in African/African-American Studies, MPA, and certification in Organization Development. 

About Looking Glass



Shadow on Concrete Wall

Group Training

 Training for organizations or a collective of individuals who want to learn together.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

1-1 Coaching

Personalized support in establishing and maintaining a mindfulness meditation practice.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Sitting Groups

Weekly drop-in sitting groups with guided meditation, reflection, and discussion.

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Special Session

A guided meditation session, or class, for a special occasion or gathering.


The benefits of mindfulness and meditation have no bounds. These are just some of them.

The greatest gift of all, however, is that mindfulness and meditation help us to see clearly, and invite in, uncertainty and change. This ability to fearlessly face reality, and Stay right where we are, brings about deep healing, inner strength, and transformation.

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Why Looking Glass?

By offering a balance of support and technique, I will help you to embrace whatever happens as valid and part of the practice itself. I am excited and prepared to work along the spectrum of identities and experience levels. The invitation is simply "come and see." —Allie

"Allie's session was easy to connect with while not feeling at all generic."


"Allie is a magical (guide/coach/teacher), particularly if you are new to meditation or looking for support in creating a regular practice. Allie reframed my beliefs around the process of meditation, removing the pressure I had placed on doing it perfectly, empowering me to see its true benefit and allowing me to create the space I need within this healing practice."


"Thank you so much for guiding us in breath work and meditation. It was such a meaningful way to connect with my co-workers and recalibrate during the work day!"

"Allie's approach to meditation is really digestible for someone who may be intimidated to try/start a meditation journey for the first time."


Let's Connect!

Please fill out this form or use the contact information below to learn more about Looking Glass and its offerings.

Benicia, CA


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